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Multiple Words - Retrieves records that have all the search words somewhere in the record, in any order. If no record contains all the words, records containing any of the words are retrieved. Select a field from the dropdown menu to search the words in that field only.

Phrase Search - Enclose words in quotation marks to find records containing a phrase.
"political power" finds Latino Political Power, but not Power and Political Change.

Wild Search - * matches 0 to 5 characters; chem* finds chemical or chemistry but not chemically.
* may be embedded in a word; colo*r finds color or colour; wom*n finds woman or women
** matches any number of characters; chem** finds chemical, chemistry or chemically

Proximity - within # finds terms which occur within # words of each other in any order, in the same field (author, title, subject, or notes and contents):
    dream* within 3 interpret*
near find words within 10 words of each other in any order, in the same field:
     environment* near polic*

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